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Back-Office Processing

Cut cost on the rising cost of care. Healthcare cost are growing rapidly and your organization needs to cope with the rising demand of your client.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has three component reforms: Payment Reform, release of Medicate data to Patient, and to remove waste and improved quality. JKM Admin Healthcare Solutions help address the third component on healthcare delivery that is removing waste (minimizing operational cost) and improve quality.

JKM Admin Healthcare Solutions back office processing will help your organization become more efficient with low cost without compromising effectiveness in efficiency in healthcare delivery.

JKM Admin Healthcare Solutions offers Doctors Order Intake, Medical Supply Processing, Clinical Care Support, Compliance, Documentation and Insurance Authorization, Billing, Collection and Posting.

Small and Medium Enterprise Solution

JKM Admin Healthcare Solutions offers Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Programming, Marketing Collateral’s Design, and Logo and Tag Line Development.

Web Development

We understand the need of small and medium enterprise to be identified and be known to their target market. We tailored fit every designs to meet the expectation of our partner-client. We are available for consultation FREE of CHARGE, call us today and find out how.
See sample designs. Click here.

Search Engine Optimization Services

We offers everything to you need to increase your traffic flow to your website. We will publish your content and videos on social networking sites. We will help you dominate the World Wide Web. Give us a call today.


We are engage in providing computer programming services to suit your specific business needs. We have team of expert that will help you conceptualize and design a custom made applications and programs. Call us now.

Marketing Collateral Design

We will help you in grabbing the attention of you target market to your head-turner marketing collateral’s. We design effective and attractive marketing tools. We give utmost attention to details and client specifications. We offer sales presentation, brochures layout, data sheets, newsletters, and folder designs. Our designers are waiting for help you, give us a call right now.

Logo and Tag Line Development

We designed affordable custom logo design with 100% risk free designs. We take full responsibility for the original artwork created by our professional designers.

Let us  help  you promote your company by proving the BEST and CATCHY Tagline for your business. This key phrases will identify your business in capturing the essence of the three elements of your business: Mission, Promise and Brand. We at JKM help you with your struggle, call us now.