About Us

Our Company

JKM Admin Healthcare Solutions is an all in one medical and outsourcing company that handles not only complicated task regarding Medical Billing, Answering Services, Patient Reminders and Insurance Verification but also a great outsourcing company that caters Web Development projects, Programming, Logo Designs, Marketing Designs and Materials, and SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

Our target is to provide quality services to all our clients in terms of medical and outsourcing projects. Due to demands on this services we are here to help clients handle such service through our best of the best employee who are dedicated to perform such services for one common goal “Success”.

Expect More Than Service

Not just services we offer but a courtesy and results that will remain as our foundation of good partnership and good values. We highly trained our employee’s based on professionalism and values.

Its not usual see clients giving testimonies about good service and gratitude for such a wonderful job done. With you us our clients and guest are always welcome to ask us and find time to contact us.